The Innovation

Dairy technology was always about utilizing every component of the raw material milk. A major achievment was the isolation of the proteins from whey, a by product of cheese making. Before we were able to prodcue whey protein isolates these proteins were discarded or ended up as animal feed in the past. Nowadays, everyone knows whey protein isolates as they are widley for their beneficial nutritive and technological properties.

However, innovation did not stop there. Through a new isolation process, other proteins like lactoferrin can be isolated from whey. This biofunctional protein is a potent iron carrier with antiviral and antibacterial properties. This protein is just getting traction in the food industry and is already serving a multi-million dollar market.

We present the next step in dairy technology: Ig G - Clean

Through our years of experience in the dairy industry, we developed a novel process that allows us to isolate Ig G in high purity from regular milk and whey (if you don't know what Ig G is check out our science page).

Although only low amounts of Ig G are present in normal cow milk and whey we are able to capture this valuable component. This way we save it from being destroyed in regular pasteurization processes.

Our process can be incorporated into regular dairy plants to increase the depth of added value. Milk and whey can still be used for other products.

Our Ig G has the same biofunctionality as Ig G from colostrum. However, we obtain a high Ig G purity without other colostrum components, such as growth factors.

Our Ig G represents a broad mode of action against all kinds of bacteria, viruses, toxins, and allergens.  This makes Ig G the perfect addition to all cosmetic and health products that aim at balancing microbiota on the skin, in the gut, or the mouth.

To learn how you can use Ig G - Clean in your products contact our team of enthusiastic scientists, who will help you in identifying use cases.