Immunoglobulins - nature's immunebooster

Immunoglobulins, suchs as Immunoglobulin G can bind to bacteria, viruses and different toxins. This makes Ig G  an important part of our natural immune response.

All mammals, including humans, produce Ig G to help their newborns in developing a strong immune system.

This is the reason why Ig G, among other immunoglobulins, was extensively researched and reviewed in the last decades (Ulfman et al. 2018). Special attention was given to one of the oldest sources of Ig G known to humankind: The cow's first milk called colostrum or beast milk. This colostrum is very rich in Ig G and therefore the perfect natural immune booster for calves.

Its health and nutritive properties include:

• exclusion of respiratory viruses and allergens

• exclusion of pathogens in the small intestine

• exclusion of pathogens on the skin

• exclusion of pathogens in the gut helps in establishing a healthy and balanced microbiome

• modification of innate and adaptive immunity

Unfortunately,  colostrum is only produced for 24-48h after calving. After this, the Ig G content in the milk quickly drops to minor levels.

So although there is Ig G we can not utilize all its advantages as the amount in normal milk is extremely low.

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