utilize the power of nature

We from Cow Byotec developed a novel process to isolate Immunoglobulin G (Ig G) from milk and whey. These bioactive molecules have unique properties in supporting our immune system can be used as a novel ingredient in food, cosmetics, and medicine. Click through our website to learn about the advantages of Immunoglobulins, our innovative process, and our team.

What is Ig G

the core of our innovation is the utilization of Immunoglobulin G. This protein is an important pillar of the immune systems of animals and humans, alike.  

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 What is the process

Years of research and development allowed us to isolate Ig G from milk and whey. This way we can provide a valuable new ingredient from nearly unlimited food industry streams.

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 Who is on the team

Find out about our team of scientists who are pushing the development of Ig G to the next level.

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